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New Academy Club Benefits

Dear Academy Club Member,

I hope you’re keeping well during this time.

I am writing to inform you of some new and exciting changes to the Academy Club (monthly subscription) and the monthly benefits you usually have available.

Why are we changing?

This change has come about due to the predicted ongoing social distancing guidelines we are all likely to need to maintain throughout most of 2020. This and our dedication to continue to do all we possibly can to improve the way we deliver our sessions, ensure our customers safety and satisfaction has inspired us to change the benefits for the betterment of all.

So what’s changed? – Your new benefit list

Exclusive to Academy Club members:

- Free remote / online coaching via CoachNow (with a free personal account)

o Plan 1 – maximum 1 video review per month.

o Plan 2 – maximum 2 video reviews per month.

o Custom Plan – maximum reviews equal to number of lesson per month you’re entitled to.

Players may post as many videos and images as they wish. However Steve Thomas will only create a video review on posts when requested to by the client. This service will be limited as per above.

Find out more about CoachNow at Steve Thomas Golf:

- Reduced rates and first refusal on our new ‘On-Course Training’ events. Utilising our numerous new and exciting local golf club links (more details to follow).

- Free access to our online lesson pack (with over 200 files available).

- Invitations and first refusal to social events e.g. away days, holidays, and more.

Why have we chosen these?

These new features enable us to still see how you’re practicing and send you fantastic information on how you can improve – effectively replacing the physical experience you would have received with a digital version. You can video any shot at the driving range or the golf course for viewing in your golf lesson or remote coaching reviews, effectively giving us a better picture of your golf game.

Now you’ll have the opportunity to get out on the golf course and benefit from our new and exciting links which we have with local golf clubs. This offers us varied experiences where we can learn new things with different golf courses each time. All to help your game within in the environment you’ll be playing in.

Find Out More About ‘On-course Training’ -

In fact, we foresee this being more successful than the old benefits because:

- It doesn’t require you to make a set time or date for you to attend a class

- You can post videos from your practice on the golf range or the golf course at any time on CoachNow. Giving more varied and realistic feedback than viewing you swinging on the driving range

- You can now keep all your information in one place

- Far easier to manage player development and measure progression

- And much more

Getting CoachNow set up – For Free!

In light of this new change could you please both download the CoachNow app and create an account. It is compatible for both Apple and Android on mobile and tablet devices. You can also access CoachNow via their website. Once you’ve done this please email me the email address you’ve signed up to CoachNow with and I will send you an invitation to join my academy.

How will this account be used?

- Store all your future video reviews

- TrackMan data

- KMotion data

- Communications

- Documents

- You can use it to post videos of things/shots you’d like to talk about in your golf lesson

- Your playing stats

- Your practice notes

- Analysis your own swing with their video analysis function

- And much more

Find out More Information

Find Out More About The New Benefits:

CoachNow Website:

CoachNow Details at Steve Thomas Golf:

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I look forward to receiving the email address you used to sign up to CoachNow.

Kind regards,

Steve Thomas

Senior PGA Professional

3 Hammers Golf Academy

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