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Updated: Jul 15, 2022




I defeated the chipping yips and dropped six shots

TG reader Richard Astbury, 3 Hammers GC

When my current Coach, Steven Thomas told me he was going to cure my chipping twitch, I said “Good luck”.

I've had various coaches over the past five years, and no one had managed it. But Steven did something no one else had; he videoed me, and it allowed me to see exactly where my yip came from. I was driving on the shot. I could see my left arm making this strange bending motion coming into impact, as I pulled the clubhead up towards me. It was weird and uncomfortable but very instructive.

Off the back of this, Steve effectively gave me a new and very simple chipping stroke based on two or three fundamental thoughts – a new, extended lead-arm motion, better weight control and ball position check. This gave me a different focus and allowed me to leave the mental space that caused the yipping behind.

Lockdown has helped; chipping ing the garden has made this new approach feel more natural and comfortable. Between lockdowns Steve took me to the par 3 course at 3 Hammers. The twitch had vanished. Alongside some work on my full-swing basics, this has helped me bring my handicap down from 18 to 12.7 in a little over a year But best of all, I can play the game properly again. If I was 200 yards out previously, I’d hit two wedges to limit my chances of having to chip. Now? I’ll have the hybrid out

Interviewee Richard Astbury (Steve Thomas Golf customer)



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