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Today's Golfer Magazine - Harry Kane Golf Swing Analysis

Analysing Harry Kane’s Golf Swing

Harry’s Kane’s swing has one very notable quirk; he’s started hovering his driver in front of the ball on the tee. “I don’t know where that comes from,” he says. “I used to hover my driver, and then I started moving it in front of the ball. I felt that it gave me a better position on the backswing and it seemed to work!” The rest of Harry’s swing is pretty textbook, according to Advanced PGA Coach Steve Thomas…

Comfortable at set-up, there doesn’t seem to be any stress or tension in Harry’s body – allowing him to make a free-flowing swing.

An emphasis on shoulder turn, you can really see Harry winding up, ready to deliver the club at high speed.

A wonderful position at the top, he looks like he could be on tour! A nice coil from the body, while the clubface and wrist are in perfect harmony.

Both knees are flexed here. He’s poised and ready to straighten his left knee, utilising the ground for increased power.

Check out his right elbow, nicely in front of his torso. He’s also not opened his shoulders too early; elements that help him create the perfect plane.

You can now see how his legs have straightened, utilising the ground to the maximum. All that energy has been released…

He’s slowed his hip and leg work, encouraging faster hands, and encouraging the clubface to rotate closed, guarding against it going right.

Written by PGA Fellow Steve Thomas

For Today's Golfer Magazine - Issue 432


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