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Today's Golfer Magazine - My Article on Bryson DeChambeau

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

This article was created by Steve Thomas and featured in Today's Golfer magazine for their June 2020 (April 9th- May 6th) edition - Issue number 399.



The article content:

TOP 50 TEACHER Steve Thomas, Senior PGA Instructor

at Three Hammers Golf Academy, Wolverhampton.

Role model..


So as golf entered its enforced hiatus, who was the PGA Tour's longest hitter? Brooks? Rory? Cameron Champ? In fact it was Golf's Mad Scientist himself, Bryson DeChambeau. The 26-year-old American's action might seem a bit workmanlike compared to Some of the fluent athletes

around him, but that doesn't stop him getting it out there: to date in 2020 DeChambeau is averaging 321.3 yards, putting him right at the head of a prodigious cast list. This image captures him a beat into his downswing: here's what you can learn from an object lesson in creäting and storing force.


Bryson has his trail elbow down and bent as he starts down. This is crucial to creating clubhead

speed and maintaining a good delivery path; many club golfers straighten the elbow too early, promoting an out-to-in path. Loop a towel around your trail elbow, holding it tight with your lead

hand. Make one-handed practice swings, pulling your elbow toward the ground.


Bryson is famous for having limited backswing wrist hinge, but we can see here that during the

downswing the club shaft is at right angles to his lead arm. In contrast, many club golfers will cast the club out here. Releasing the club at the right time is essential for higher club head speed. Make rehearsal swings, feeling you maintain the 900 angle from the top until late into the



Bryson has barely moved his arms or shoulders at this point, yet his hips are already facing the ball. This demonstrates a good movement sequence that boosts speed. To feel this, make a backswing with a slightly narrower stance; before you get to the top make a small step with your lead food toward the target. You should feel your lower body move first before your shoulders start to unwind.


Bryson's knees show some extra flex here. This helps him build power by moving against the ground. Later in the swing he'll release that stored force by pushing off the ground. To understand this move and how it creates speed, do two standing jumps, one where you can flex your knees and one where you keep your legs straight. Which one can you go higher with?


  • Driving distance: 321.3 yards(1st)

  • Strokes gained driving: 1.009 (3rd)

  • GIR: 69.02% (52nd)

  • Stroke average: 69.271 (5th)

  • World ranking: 13th

Written by PGA Professional Steve Thomas

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