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BodiTrak generates a complete picture of the pressure generated to the ground during your golf swing for all directions, side to side, heel to toe, down and up.



BodiTrak is a world leader and generates a complete 'pressure mapping picture' of the pressure generated during your golf swing in all directions, Side to Side, Heel to Toe, Down and Up

Trusted by over 7,000 instructors globally, BodiTrak has become the most well-known pressure mat on the planet. Even used by some of the biggest names in the golf instruction business like Martin Chuck, Chris Foley, Derek Ingram, and Jake Thurm.


BodiTrak measures five different parameters in relation to a golfer’s interaction with the ground. 

This relationship can be responsible for many swing characteristics we see and can often be the underlying issue to why some players struggle to make the changes they desire.


COP Centre of Pressure : Average of all the forces between your feet while standing on BodiTrak created by gravity


Vertical Force : based on the unit total of 1 when you stand on BodiTrak the relative downward force generated by each foot and sum thereof

Swing Analysis : BodiTrak generates a complete Pressure Mapping Picture of the pressure generated during your golf swing in all directions, Side to Side, Heel to Toe, Down and Up

Scattered Trace : COP Pressure Moves randomly during a golfers swing in all directions

Fish Hook Trace : COP Pressure Moves towards the toes in the downswing creating a pattern that looks like a Fish Hook

Lateral Trace : COP Pressure Moves straight back then into the toes and or the heels and forms a parallel line towards impact

Linear Trace : COP Pressure Moves straight back and through during your swing

Abbreviated Trace : COP Pressure Moves back not very far to the Trail Side and then straight through to impact

Squirrel Trace : Can be a Lateral and or Linear Trace, but just prior to impact the COP Pressure makes a little circle, going back but then forward again prior to impact

Heel to Toe Trace : COP Trace moves straight from the trail side to the lead toe at or near impact

Z Trace : COP Trace looks like a Heel to Toe Trace but prior to impact the COP Pressure moves straight back to the trail side

Back Up: COP Pressure Moves backwards and stays there prior to impact

Lead Side: Front Side of the Golfer closest to target

Trail Side: Back Side of the Golfer furthest to target

Velocity Chart : Speed of COP measured in Lateral, and Heel to Toe motion

Vertical Force Chart : Relative value Pressure down during the golfers swing, referred to as Vertical based on the notion that in golf down is up

Release Factor : Time from Peak Velocity to Impact

Peak Velocity : Point in Time of fastest lateral motion


BodiTrak is the most portable and reliable pressure mapping system in the world of golf.


Much of what happens during a golf swing can be a consequence of the players reaction to the ground. Using this technology can highlight why certain issues have arisen and can be used as a tool to fix them.

Often players will struggle with some aspects of changing their swing and this world leading device can go some way to solving many of these mysteries.  


Experienced in every lesson.


"Steve is a brilliant coach! Patient, good humoured and a fantastic gofer. I’m a real beginner but Steve’s analysis, clear instructions and constant support gives me belief that I really can improve."


"A private lesson from Steve Thomas is worth every penny.... if you want to play golf... I sincerely recommend this chap..."

- Martin Yeates

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