Our golf lessons include TrackMan, KMotion 3D, slow motion video analysis and CoachNow. The golfing world has embraced technology which helps a players learning experience and with the benefits it will bring to your golf lessons, you won't want to be without it again.



Trusted by European Tour, USPGA Tour and other worldwide touring professionals as well as leading golf instructors across the planet, TrackMan is a state of the art technology which gives unparalleled insight into your club delivery and ball flight. 

Providing the opportunity to improve your game like never before. 



KMotion 3D is a tool to understand the body movement during the golf swing. it measures rotation, upper body & pelvis bends, upper body & pelvis side bends, lead arm movement, velocities and much more. 

It provides a unique opportunity in understanding our body movement in a golf swing and with the use of the BioFeedback features we can train you to move in a way to help you improve.


Seeing is believing. The majority of players prefer visual feedback and with the assistance of our Hudl and GASP systems we are well equipped to demonstrate any technical issues and show how students are progressing with the recommended swing changes.


CoachNow is an all in one platform. All of your content, communications, and personal coaching are stored in one in one place.

Our clients can use this to post videos of the at the range and on the golf course for our viewing in a golf lesson or with a remote / online coaching package. 

We manage player development and support our clients with this leading platform.


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